Publications by / or referring to Dr.G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie

Patung Sam Ratu Langie di Tondano
Patung Sam Ratu Langie di Tondano
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Publications by Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie

“SERIKAT ISLAM”, Gerungan S. S. J. Ratu-Langie, Amsterdam, November 1913 Baarn, Hollandia Drukkerij (1913), This document can be found at the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal, Land en Volkenkunde (KITLV), Leiden, Netherland

Sebagian besar dari informasi dibawah ini  dikutip dari buku “Risalah Sidang Badan Penyelidik Usaha-Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia (BPUPKI) dan Panitia Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia (PPKI)” yang berlangsung di tahun 1945,  Cetak Ulangan 1992, Lampiran B.

Naskah :

“Kurven-Systeme in Volstaendigen Figuren” Disertasi di Zuerich tahun 1918,

“De Meetkunde voor Euclides” buat Natuurwetenschappelijk Congres, Jakarta 1920 dan

“Een Methode voor het grafisch teekenen van 2e graadscurven” buat Natuurwetenschappelijk Congres, Bandung 1922.

berbagai  karangan-karangan lain dalam mingguan “Peninjauan” 1934 dan “Nationale Commentaren” antara 1938-1942.

“De Pacific” Verzameling Opstellen van : Dr. G. S. S. J. Ratulangie, Moh. Thamrin, M. Soetardjo (1937)

Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie “Indonesia in den Pacific – Kernproblemen van den Aziatischen Pacific” sebagai salah satu bahan pembanding utama, buku ini telah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Indonesia,dan digunakan oleh banyak peneliti ataupun ahli strategi ekonomi dan militer.

Publikasi2 Dr.G.S.S.J.Ratu Langie temuan peneliti  M. H. Schouten:

1. “Minahasa and Bolaang Mongondow” (an annotated Bibliography) 1800 – 1942 KITLV – Bibliographical Series 10 – The Hague – Martinus Nijhoff 1981.

2 “De geringe toeneming der bevolking in de Minahasa” (TBB 46 (1914) : 237 – 238),

3″ De oorsprong van de naam Manado” (Indie GW 1 (1917 – 1918) : 122),

4 “Pandagian” (dalam majalah De Taak 5 (1921 – 1922) 215 : 687 – 688; 216 : 700; 217 : 711 – 712)

5 “Rondor Mamarimbing” (fragment van een sociale roman) dimuat dalam Nationale Commentaren 1 (1938) 41, IV : 806 – 808; 47 : 892; 48 : 907 – 908; 50 : 951 – 952, IV; 48 : 907 – 908; 50 : 951 – 952; 51 : 958 – 969. Mengutip Schouten : Extracts from an unfinished novel, giving impressions of conditions in Minahasa (1895 – 1905). Principal character is the young son of a district chief (majoor). Members and organization of an upper class extended family, angury using bird calls, school for sons of chiefs (hoofdenschool) at Tondano, simultaneous traditional and Christian beliefs and ideas. Suatu terjemahan juga terdapat dalam W.S.T. Pondaag, Pahlawan Nasional Mahaputra Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie. Surabaya 1966, P 191 – 211 with photographs.

6 “De Minahasa” Dalam majalah De Amsterdammer 2085 (1917) : 13 photographs. General description of the cultural characteristics of the Minahasan population : their proffesional and academic education and acceptance of the western way of life. Indiegenous culture has not disappeared at all, agliculture is becoming more popular again. .

7 “De vrouw in de Minahasa” dalam majalah De Indier 1 (1913 – 1914) 29; 30 : 243 – 246; 2 (1914 – 1915) 1 : 3 – 6; 2 : 11 – 14; 3 : 19 – 22; 4 : 27 – 30 Discussion of the traditionally high status of women in Minahasa. Life cycle, economic activities. Customs relating to marriage, bride price, mutual terms of address of husband and wife showing almost equal status. Role of women in myths and hystorical anecdotes, endurance and independence of Minahasan women. Educational oppertunities for girls, progress at school. Decline of handicraft performed by women.

8 “Het Onderwijs aan de Inlandsche meisjes in de Minahasa” (Pendidikan putri di Minahasa) dalam majalah Hidia Poetra 1 (1916) : 13 – 18. The status of women in relation to extensive educational oppertunities for girls in Minahasa. Educational institutions among them the Protestant girls’ school in Tomohon. Some girls become teachers or other occupations, the basic purpose is however to improve their role as wife and mother.

9 “De bezoldiging bij den Inlandschen bestuursdients in de Minahasa” (Gaji Pamong pradja di Minahasa). Finacial position of civil servants in Minahasa being worse then on Java Evidence is provided by comparative statistical data with Residency of Kediri. Lack of promotial opportunities, high cost of living, detrimental to civil servants. Author advocates better payment and also other opportunities in other parts of Sulawesi (or Indonesia)

10 “Onthulling” (Pengungkapan / Penjelasan). Dalam majalah De Taak 3 (1919 – 1920) 46 : 124 – 125. Discussions of a conflict between the district chief and a Dutch district officer, arising from their divergent opiniens on social cooperatives (mapalus) but most probably on the heerendiensten or kerja paksa.

11 “De Inlandsche Gemeente ordonantie voor de Minahasa” (Undang – undang Kotamadya atau pembentukan Kotamadya) Commentary on the draft Ordinance for Indigenous Communities before the People’s Council (Volksraad) concerning the administrative reform of Minahasa (1930). The criticism deals in particular with the new regulations for village admisnistration. The author argues that not the village but the “walak” is of foremeost importance as an administrative and judical unit. The view is supported by the nationalist organization “Persatuan Minahasa”,

12 “Het Minahassisch Ideaal” (Cita – cita Minahasa) Voordrachten en Mededeelingen (van de) Indische Vereeniging Vol. 9 and 10 Delf Meinema, 1914 – 1915. Vol 9 p. 31 – 45; Vol 10 p 53 – 56. Ceramah dan pengumuman dari Perkumpulan “Indische Vereeniging” – Lecture by the Minahasan president of the association of Students from the Indies in the Netherlands. Individual identity of Minahasans, determined by Christian religion and westerns education. Minahasan should play a role in bringing western civilization, education, religion, and medical care to other regions in Sulawesi. Comments were given by, C. Th. van Deventer, Surjoputro, Suardhy Suryaningrat (Ki Hadjar Dewantara).

13 “De Minahassers in de Indische Beweging”(Orang Minahasa dalam gerakan Nasional) karangan bersama F Laoh, KT 6 (1917) 1 : 467 – 478. Outline of the origin and working methods of the Christian Minahasan political associations, interrelationship with other political organizations. Perserikatan Guru – guru strongly opposing educational refeorm, Vereeniging Juliana is an association of the district chiefs. Studiefonds vereeniging Minahasa (Batavia) provides study oppernities and financial support for young people both within and outside of Minahasa. Perserikatan Minahasa has members everywhere in Indonesia. Foundation by soldiers. The PM and SM cooperate for the advancement of the peasant population and creation of indigenous small – scale trade and industry. It does not strive for political independence. Large scale migration to Java. Well educated Minahasan role as “civilizers” to other ethnic groups in Sulawesi. Finally the role of the Dutch Protestant missionaries is finished.

14 “Minahasa Perspectieven” dalam majalah De Taak 3 (1919 – 1920) 46 : 125 – 127. Political associations in Minahasa, which need to be based on the antithesis between the Dutch Government and the Indonesian people. The Perserikatan Minahasa Celebes, based on this principle, has the ideal of bringing western culture to other regions of Sulawesi. Ini mungkin merupakan semacam keunggulan atau relative advantage.

15 “De Agrarische Quaestie” (Masalah Hukum Agraria) juga dalam majalah De Taak 4 (1920 – 1921) 23 : 263 – 265. Review of A. I. Waworuntu (1920, see no 633 – De agrarische quaestie in de Minahasa. Une question brulante. Semarang, N. N. 1920 78 pp – the author (Waworuntu argues that landownership in Minahasa should be regulated in accordance with customary law, which states thatince cleared and cultivated, land remains in hte property of the first tiller and his inheritors) adding new dimensions to support his argument. Quotations from contracts between Minahasa and the VOC, at the end of the 17th century. The argument is that Minahasans lose their land by selling or renting due to emigration.

16 “De Kalakeran gronden in de Minahasa” (Tanah Kalakeran di Minahasa) dalam majalah De Stuw 1 (1930) 13 : 5 – 7 The rights on the kalakeran lands in Minahasa particularly within the urban area of Manado. These lands are supervised by the ancient walaks. In Manado these lands are enclaves within other walaks (now districts. But not always acknowledged by the governmen. Other problems due to recent reform in the territories of the districts.

Publications referring to Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi

1 J. M. Otto “Een Minahasser in Bandung” – Indonesische oppositie in the koloniale gemeente dalam Excurises in Celebes, verhandelingen KITLV 147; 1991, terutama menggambarkan suatu debat dalam dewan kotamadya Bandung diantara tahun 1922 – 1924 untuk menentukan anggaran belanja kotamadya Bandung pada waktu itu. Dalam buku yang sama juga telah dimuat karangan P. J. Drooglever Vernandel versus Sahelangi : Match en Moraal in de Minahasa omstreeks 1890.

2 David Henley “Nationalism and Regionalism in Colonial Indonesia” : The Case of Minahasa karangan ini yang diterbitkan dalam majalah Indonesia No 57 dari Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell university New York, 3 Akhirnya mungkin juga saya ingin sumbangkan suatu makalah “Glimpses on early, late and post-colonial church missions in North Sulawesi Indonesia”

“Pahlawan Kemerdekaan Nasional Mahaputera Dr. G. S. S. J. Ratu-Langie, Riwajat Hidup dan Perdjoangannya”, oleh W.S.T. Pondaag, Penerbit :Jajasan Penerbitan Dr.G.S.S.J. Ratu-Langie, Surabaja (1996)

Pahlawan Nasional Dr.G.S.S.J Ratu Langie
Pahlawan Nasional Dr.G.S.S.J Ratu Langie

“Dr. G. S. S. J. Ratulangie dan Yayasan KRIS”, Penerbit : Dinas Museum dan Sejarah Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 1978

“Album 90 Pahlawan Nasional dan Sejarah Perjuangannya”, Penerbit : Bahtera Jaya

“Buren in De Koloniale Tijd” De Philippijnen onder Amerikaans Bewind en De Nederlandse, Indische en Indonesische Reacties Daarop 1898 – 1942 Karangan : N. A. Bootsma

“Le Pacifique ‘Nouveau Centre Du Monde’” Institut Du Pacifique Stratigies, Karangan / Penerbit : Berger – Levrault / Boreal Express

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2 thoughts on “Publications by / or referring to Dr.G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie

  1. I’ve been browsing your blog with great interest, as some of the places and names are familiar.

    I now live in Canada, but I am always proud of my native country, in particular the city where I was born: Batavia, and of course the special Manadonese community, as my parents were born in Minahasa. I have travelled a lot and everytime I meet Indonesian, I am always happy to say hello to them.

    Keep up the good work! Regards from Ottawa, Els

    1. Dear Els,
      Thanks for your comments. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and also an inspiration to continue the publication of collected information material through the internet.
      When do you think to visit Indonesia again? There are positive but also negative changes in our country. Lani

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