… “I had a dream…..”

i had a dream
i had a dream

We know these words, as were spoken by Martin Luther King in front of Thomas Jefferson’s statue.
I also had a dream …..

It was way back on 20 August 2004 that we invited friends for lunch in our resto “Taverna”,
Jakarta,  for a BRAINSTORMING SESSION where I presented the idea of a

The Ratu Langie Center
at Ranowangko, Tanawangko, Minahasa, Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.
45 minutes from Manado, Sam Ratulangie Airport.

Function of the center is to serve the domestic and international society as a site to the following activitie:
Training Center
International Conference and Meeting Center
International Research Center for Asia Pacific Studies
A training center that will be the site for up to date training courses for up -to-date training courses on specific subjects enabling participants to increase their productivity in various fields, from traditional to more advanced technology jobs.
The Ratu Langie Center will actively pursue to be the venue for international conferences as well as domestic/local  meetings and seminars.
The International Research Center for Asia Pacific Studies is characterised as follows:
The research center serves as a facility for local and overseas researchers to dedicate themselves to studies pertaining to Asia Pacific matters.
It operates with domestic and foreign highest-level teaching staffs (Professors and experts) on problems carefully selected by an international scientific body, implemented according to priority settings that will also be detirmined by this body.
Making use of the state of art information technology it will enable high standards of quality in the results or findings to be reached. The results and findings will be conveyed and owned solely by the respective sponsors. Specific fields of the research topics will be determined at a later stage.
Establishment of this research center will simultaneously contribute to counter the “Digital Divide” phenomenon, since this center will also active in assisting to build the Municipal Telecenter network in the eastern part of Indonesia.
The slides that I presented were as follws (Please click to see the PowerPointSlideshow):

IRCAPS slideshow

After the presentation there were many comments, but I will always remember one of them said “That’s is interesting and may be in 50 years it might be established… For now it it is only a DREAM…..”
Anyway… I kept “dreaming” through the years 2007 and 2009 when after the  WOC2009 I sent the Governor of  N. Sulawesi  a letter with some attachments :

Surat kepada Gubernur Sarundajang
Surat kepada Gubernur Sarundajang
Wale Ratu Langie (1)
Wale Ratu Langie (1)
Wale Ratu Langie (2)
Wale Ratu Langie (2)
Wale Ratu Langie (3)
Wale Ratu Langie (3)
Wale Ratu Langie (4)
Wale Ratu Langie (4)

As you might see, some adaptationsf the original dream to the than prevailing mood was included.

In the mean time we have also found other references such as the one showed below:

Marine Habitat and Coral Reef Protection

This is , for the time being, about The dream I had AND STILL HAVE ……..(NOVEMBER 2018)

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2 thoughts on “… “I had a dream…..”

  1. Great Idea. Please Let us know if you have special event. If you don’t mine I will share all of this info to my friends……? thank you for sharing.Tanawangko is unique and fantastic view,

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