My younger sister’s BDay in 2020

On the first of February 2020 I dropped in on Uki’s because it was her BDay…… and as each year a lot of family members and friends were there….. Also as usual cakes and wonderful food.Below are pictures that I made.

Posing for Dinas Selfie
THEpicfureL Uki, Paula and Lani\
The BDcake
OMG the food

With great sadness today I am editing this page saved in my folder marked as “DRAFTS” …….The reason is that on the 15th of March the same year my sister has left os all. Her departure is breaking my heart……

Because I was lying in the hospital with a kind of pleuritis or it might also have been an early Covid 19 attack. Anyway I still remember it was on a Saturday that Uki came to visit me riding in a wheelchair with her daughter Riri. After a while she was speaking to me in her usual way, however this time it seemed as if she had something important that she want me to know,,,,, .As far as I can remember, because I actually was half conscious, she was criticizing me about not doing the right things in my life….. Actually she used her tone like being an elder sister to me so that did not surprise me and I tried to evade a harsh reaction from my side by answering nonchalantly that I am busy with writing blogs….. and I added that I don’t care if anybody ever will read my writings or not.

These words seemed to arose a strong dislike to her causing she wanted to say something and as in her usual way, accentuating with throwing both arms up but this time she seemed not to have more energy to finish what she wanted to say and she leaned back in her chair and fainted. And I laid there just like half asleep.

I have wondered a lon time about what actually my younger sister has wanted to tell me and asked Riri who brought her in the hospital to visit me at that time..but only got a sketchy answer. And ever since that time, now more than two years ago, I am still wondering………Perhaps I will ask my elder sister when hopefully I can meet her on her hundred’s birthday next July in Holland if this is possible God Willing.

Jakarta,, June 5 2022

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