About “me”: Lani Ratulangi


It was on 23 Agustus 2009 that I started my wordpress blog.

Lani Ratulangi in front of her father's picture (Aug '09)

I have actually started making websites eve r since December 1996 (that’s way back in the “only html” time). NOW things are much easier, and enjoyable! I am a retired petrochemical consultant and a computer (internet) hobbyist.

Most of my blogs will relate to my late father: SAM RATU LANGIE  and late mother: MARIA RATULANGIE-TAMBAJONG. They were more interesting personalities than I am. But still I will have a category of my own, in which I will write those silly things that just flashes through my mind.

I will also occasionally make use of the Indonesian language, my mother tongue, and I will try to minimize the use of the (fastly developing) Jakarta slang.

Seated centrally with other female extended family members is my mother  1949 in front of the house where my father was born in 1890 at Tondano.

Since I am an oldy I actually have a lot of stories to tell. I will also add Indonesian folks tales to my blog. Those tales, told by others (with references) I have translated into English because I know that there are many people who appreciate folks tales. They do, like I do, indeed show a lot about the character of the people involved. But NO! I am not an expert in this field I am only INTERESTED in this field.

My house in Jakarta
The living room

I have two “HOMES”: the first is in Jakarta. Here I live in Pondok Indah (South Jakarta) with a son and his wife and their three (mostly enjoyable)  kids.
My eldest son lives (officially) in Depok, which is the town close to Jakarta where he has a lovely appartment close to the Universitas Indonesia.
Another son is now in Toronto, Canada, working at Alcatel-Lucent.
But I have another HOME in Manado you may see it when you click here.

OR if you want to have a look into my “BLOGGERS’s CHAOS” , just give it a click.

Anyway I thank God that He kept me in a relative healthy condition, as is also my dear husband of more than 50 (yes, fifty) years

Jakarta, 16 September 2013



Published by laniratulangi

I am a retired chemical consultant, now enjoying my "golden years", dedicating myself to all sorts of hobbies: reading, blogging, digging

15 thoughts on “About “me”: Lani Ratulangi

  1. Malambae Lani,
    I admire you for all your untiring endeavours, also your active participation in the ongoing discussions regarding the current and future wellbeing of our beloved Minahasa and its people. Best wishes and God bless.

    1. Hi, Broeke!
      Thanks for your comment. When you have time do come back some now and then.

  2. Hi aunt Lani,

    In reality it looks very ok, well done!!
    I’m looking forward to the stories in translation and your own. Interesting!
    Perhaps you could also add short english
    summary ofthe indonesian tekst?
    Lots of pleasure with your new blog, bye bye Tumi

    1. Tumi!
      Thanks for your comment! I am still struggling with the lay out of my blog. And I have changed the theme a few times but it isn’t yet what I want.Ok ….. How is the family doin’?
      T. Lani

  3. Hallo Tante Lani,

    Senang sekali bisa membaca postingan yang senantiasa di link dengan milis SBN, sehingga setiap ada postingan baru selalu update. Juga pemilihan wordpress sebagai rumah dari blog ini sangatlah tepat karena saat ini hampir seluruh akses internet dari kantor-kantor menutup akses ke rumah-rumah blog kecuali wordpress ini. Mungkin saja karena tidak banyak yang menggunakannya untuk menempatkan konten-konten yang dihindari oleh korporasi-korporasi seperti pa torang pe kantor.

    Walaupun dapat dikatakan lanjut usia namun produktivitas Tante Lani sangat luar biasa, sangat jarang Bosamiérs yang rajin menulis blog dan mempublikasinya dengan baik karena kualitasnya terjamin. Di Bosamiérs sebenarnya ada juga yang cukup produktif yang menulis blog, bahkan dia cukup dikenal diantara bloggers kompasiana, yaitu Alm. Eva Rindu Mahaganti. Namun dia sudah dimuliakan Tuhan pada tanggal 17 Agustus 2011 yang lalu, karena kena kanker di otaknya. Juga postingannya di SBN sangat kualitatif dan senantiasa mengangkat topik-topik yang baik untuk didiskusikan.

    Berkarya terus Tante Lani, dan blog ini akan menjadi referensi penting tentang Sam Ratu Langie dan sepak terjangnya dalam kancah perjuangan kemerdekaan Indonesia. God Bless You

    1. Selamat pagi!
      Tadi baru balas comment Anda mengenai danau Masarang, skarang kita mo balas mnegenai yang ini. Terima kasih juga so mo singgah di kita pe web yang ini.
      Memang dengan blogging dan linking ke SBN buat saya sangat bermanfaat sebab saya masih dapat merasakan denyut jantung “anak2” sulut bosami, lengkap dengan uneg2 mereka, perjuangan mereka untuk eksis dlsb2. Lagipula jumlah kunjungan di web menigkat……. dan itu beking senang aku. Bung Charles sukses terus dan tabea dari T. Lani

  4. This is amazing web tante. I am trying to get stories about Manado heroes from first hand resource. I found it here. Thank you for sharing to the public about Sam Ratulangi and many other interesting stories. Glad to know there is manado see like you. Keep writing tante!

  5. Hallo Yu Lani, apa kabar? masih ingat saya ?
    Kami sekeluarga punya rencana mau ke Manado – Bunaken sambil ikut acara di Unsrat, sebelum si bungsu sekolah lagi ambil s3 akhir bulan ini.
    Semoga bisa menemukan tempat rilex Yu Lani sekeluarga di Indonesia bagian Utara ini…
    Salam manis buat semua…


  6. Good Evening, Ma’am. My name is Arnold. I’m interested in doing some research for our (Indonesian) Heroes and for the purpose of my final project from Visual Com Design of Petra Christian University.

    I humbly ask you, as the descendant of Dr. Sam Ratulangi, to allow me to have a chat/interview with you via video call ASAP, so I can gather as much authentic data as possible.

    If you are willing to accept my request, please contact me via my email as well if you aren’t willing to accept. But I really hope that you want to accept my request to go on an interview.

    Thank You, Ma’am


  7. Hello Arnoldus Yuvens. Thank you for your interest in my fathers life and ideals. I think that the best thing to do is to reach me through my email lani.ratulangi@gmail.com Bye bye.

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