Hello visitor!

My workcorner

This is a picture of my workstation when I am at my MANGUNI Site in Manado.
It is a wooden house and my view is the lovely Manado Bay, with the Manado Tua and the swimming pool, as you can at the picture below.

This site had to undergo a nearly TOTAL REVAMP due to in consistency in the text, I am sorry about that. Perhaps you had been lost in the mess before and I apologize for the inconvenience.

A few years has passed and WordPress has changed read “improved” their editing format and this piece was left behind. At this moment I am STRUGGLING to try to insert a picture from my Google Photo collection since half an hour and unfortunately I was not succesful. ……But now I have no time anymore left since it is 2100 hours already which is bed time for grannies like I am I will try to make a next effort tomorrow perhaps I will have more luck. So wish me luck please and Good night .



Below is a picture of my daughter Dina Mariana and myself and my grandson Ewaldo Andipo Sugandi yesterday having tlunch at BGM.


Come again maybe by then this posting will be finished, ….Hopefully.BYE BYE.

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I am a retired chemical consultant, now enjoying my "golden years", dedicating myself to all sorts of hobbies: reading, blogging, digging

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