FLASH BACK: Sam Ratulangie, the final curtain…….

FLASH BACK: Sam Ratulangie, the final curtain…….. I embedded a piece by Tchaikovsky to try to transmit the feeling of disappointment that my father might have felt facing difficulties in his efforts to repeat what he did successfully 10 years before which was the publishing of a weekly magazine in Jakarta (“Nationale Commentaren”).

Hello visitor!

This is a picture of my workstation when I am at my MANGUNI Site in Manado. It is a wooden house and my view is the lovely Manado Bay, with the Manado Tua and the swimming pool, as you can at the picture below. This site had to undergo a nearly TOTAL REVAMP due to inContinue reading “Hello visitor!”

Ke Danau di Puncak Gunung Masarang

Dibawah ini adalah kolase foto saat Alm. Agy Supit, Alm. Peter Supit, saya dan kawan-kawan ke Danau Masarang ditahun 1992 Kunjungan ini telah lama kami rencanakan sebab dalam satu surat yang ditulis Ayah saya lima bulan sebelum beliau meninggal ditahun 1949 tertera antara lain bahwa diantara peninggalan yang beliau (bersama kakaknya Ibu Kajes Supit-Ratulangie)  warisiContinue reading “Ke Danau di Puncak Gunung Masarang”