MUSIK POP INDONESIA Grup HIVI ! (Reblogged from COSMOgirl)

Sam Ratulangie’s great-grandson (first -right) Trying to earn funds for finalization of his study at  the German Technical University in Jakarta Good Luck EZRA we wish you ALL THE BEST in your exam August next !!!!! BERHASIL SUKSES….. EZRA is now, since January 2015 (also) Asisten Dosen at the Swiss German University, Jakarta.  Silahkan klikContinue reading “MUSIK POP INDONESIA Grup HIVI ! (Reblogged from COSMOgirl)”

FLASH BACK: Sam Ratulangie, the final curtain…….

FLASH BACK: Sam Ratulangie, the final curtain…….. I embedded a piece by Tchaikovsky to try to transmit the feeling of disappointment that my father might have felt facing difficulties in his efforts to repeat what he did successfully 10 years before which was the publishing of a weekly magazine in Jakarta (“Nationale Commentaren”).